Our physiotherapy services are diverse and cross multiple areas of interest:

  • Orthopaedic injuries & Sport Injuries - manual therapy 
  • Concussion Rehabilitation
  • Acupuncture
  • Pelvic Health (View from Home Page); Pre-Post Natal Services
  •  Vestibular Rehabilitation 
  • Hydrotherapy programs
  • FCE & Work Hardening
  • We cater to all needs: Private, work related injuries, motor vehicle injuries, and industrial sectors
  • Brace provision
  • Modalities include: ultrasound, thermal therapies, shockwave, TENS, STIM, interferential currents

Michelle Daigle


Michelle completed her master's degree in physiotherapy at Laval University in 2017. She began her physiotherapy career as part of the PhysioFirst team.

During her studies, she had the chance to do internships with a diverse clientele, including a specific internship for clients with multiple sclerosis. Her professional interests are focused on musculoskeletal injuries, jaw disorders and wound management.

Michelle has also been trained in acupuncture. Michelle is a quiet person, hard working and attentive to her patients, she will surely guide you in your recovery and the achievement of your goals.

Jill Dierijck (Coming soon :D)

Sascha Boulet 

I’m Sascha, i’m the CEO of PhysioFirst, and I started this practice to offer individuals a better healthcare. I felt like we were often numbers in a system without faces. I envisioned a team of professionals that actually worked together towards common goals to achieve not our goal, but our patients’ specific goals. 

I am originally from Grand Falls. I studied at the University of New Brunswick where I earned my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Then I pursued my Master’s degree at McMaster’s University in Ontario where I saw different ways the health care system could work. I had some exposure to women’s health and pediatrics while in Ontario. I returned to start practicing privately in Grand Falls and pursued my Doctorate degree through the states. 

After graduation I decided that I needed to start something from scratch that served a greater purpose. I wanted patients to have

a safe private space where they could discuss their health issues without fear. I wanted them to feel like they mattered. If you walk into one of our clinics I hope that is what you feel, a sense of belonging and professionals that hold your well being at heart. I also wanted a state of the art facility where we could give people an edge on their road to recovery.

My love lies in consultations and pelvic health/women’s health. I spend many days working with patients with incontinence, sexual pain, breast-feeding concerns, pregnancy related questions/pains, paediatrics, and pessary fittings. I also do some orthopedic cases a few days per week. 

I hope that when you enter our clinic, you feel safe and at home. We want you to open up, be honest, and let us help you. We work as a team and you are at the core of that team. 

Thank you for choosing us!

Sascha xo