Kinesiology is the study of human movement, and its goal is to discover strategies to improve human health and performance. Kinesiology is an academic discipline which involves the study of physical activity and its impact on health, society, and quality of life. It includes such areas of study as exercise science, sports management, athletic training and sports medicine, socio-cultural analyses of sports, sport and exercise psychology, fitness leadership, physical education-teacher education, and pre-professional training for physical therapy, occupational therapy, medicine and other health related fields. A kinesiologist is able to monitor and evaluate your physical activity and supervise your prescribed exercises while you are in the clinic. They allow you to correct your form and work within your limits to help you reach your fitness or pain relief goals.

Exercise training or therapy can take many different forms. For some people it may be moving more and sitting less and for others it may mean getting on a bike, jogging or lifting weights. The ultimate goal is to use physical activity to improve health and wellbeing. Physical activity and physical fitness are known to be associated with achieving lifelong health and wellbeing. Leading a more active lifestyle can influence many aspects of everyday life; from how much an individual socialises to their cardiac health and function. Exercise therapy can be used not only to promote an active lifestyle but also to encourage a change in behaviour and improve quality of life (Optmistic, 2014).

Our Kinesiologist 

Brittany Poitras

My name is Brittany and I am a graduate from the University of Moncton with a bachelor’s degree of Science in Kinesiology. During my time at university, I had the privilege of being part of the Aigles Bleu’s Women’s Hockey Team. The sport taught me much about consistency, hard work, team work, and most of all perseverance. These qualities that I have learned throughout my time playing intense competitive sports are things I want to incorporate in my everyday work life. 

I enjoy the outdoors (fishing, kayaking, and four wheeling) and love all sports. I am an honest person and sometimes come off a little too direct! (Sorry co-workers)… I absolutely am terrified of spiders so if someone pulls a prank on me with a tarantula on my desk, good thing we all took CPR because you may find me on the floor as I have definitely fainted. 

I met Sascha in June of 2014 when I had complete a coop for school. I have now been with Sascha ever since - I guess she must like me or something. I continued working every summer throughout university by coming back to my hometown and Sascha always offering me a positive work environment and helping me achieve my career path as a full time Kinesiologist. 

My goal as a kinesiologist in the Grand Falls community is to develop young athletes to help them reach their potential and promote physical activity as a therapy, and lastly help every patient achieve their best physical health. 

At PhysioFirst, my work includes providing patients with the exercises they need to help them recover from their injuries. I create personalized programs and explain them to my patients, supervise their exercises, and give some people the incentive they require to promote an augmented self, give sport specific training sessions, and constantly research for new exercises or approaches to help all my current and future patients in a tailored individual way.

Patrick Roy

Patrick Roy is a kinesiologist who has been working for PhysioFirst since September 2017. He graduated from the University of Moncton in 2012 with a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Kinesiology. Patrick has acquired a lot of skills during his studies. These are particularly valuable in his every day tasks. His work includes assisting patients with the exercises (In the gym or pool); creating gym or pool programs tailored to suit every patient’s unique needs; helping direct the care of patients who have suffered a concussion; performing kinesiotaping techniques for patients of acute and chronic conditions as well as sport injuries; and volunteering his time in community events to help with health promotion. 

During his spare time, Patrick enjoys a great workout, playing ultimate frisbee, being outdoors, and spending time with his little family. 

If you ever need any assistance of expertise from the PhysioFirst team, book an appointment with me and I’ll make sure you turn your setback into a comeback!

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