If you select any of our professions on the Home page you will get our practitioners - from Physiotherapists, to Registered Massage, and so forth. 

Want to meet the most crucial people that help us help you? This is where the magic happens. Our administration and assistants. We wouldn't make it to the next level in your care without having them involved in every step of the way. 

You will get to know them, and dare I say, have fun with them as they make our space our home. They make it comfortable for you, entertaining, and most of all as pain free as possible by handling all the billing and paperwork for you that they can do ahead of time. 

Meet our SuperHeros!

Director of Operations

Alannah Hansen


Office Manager

Julie Rioux

Administrative Assistants

Anne Lagacé


Noemie Levesque


Gabrielle Sirois (Marketing) 



Physiotherapy Assistants   

Lisa Petersen

Nathalie Cecire

Marie-Andrée Gagnon

The Future - Our Students - We love training students over a long term period to help them achieve their lifelong goals in the health care path. We choose them very carefully and grow them by ttempting to provide them on the job training, knowledge on different professions, and work-ethic. We enjoy the presence and energy they contribute to our atmosphere.                        

Marylène Akerley (Student)


Sophie Desjardins (Physiotherapy Student Year 1 - Université Laval)

Christian Morin (Student - BSc Kin - Université de Moncton - C. Edmundston)          


Cassy Hemphill (Student - BSc Psychology)

Abby McCarthy (BSc Psychology)                        

 Are you interested in joining our team? If so drop your resume or email it to julie.rioux@physiofirstinc.com