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Stress is something we all experience, especially during this time of COVID-19. It can be defined as the body’s non-specific response to any demand made upon it. It is not a disease but it can contribute to ill health. Stress can contribute to tension in muscles, breathing problems, a suppressed immune system, and more. For that reason it is very important to identify where your stress is coming from so you can deal with it.

The causes of stress can vary drastically. It can come from emotions; such as anxiety, depression, or fear; pain, from disease or injury; or even excessive coffee or energy drinks. When you start to experience stress it is important to take a moment, find the source of it, and acknowledge it so you can face it head on. Keeping in mind that this is much easier said than done.

Some ways to cope with stress are through lifestyle changes such as drinking less coffee, getting an adequate amount of sleep, having a healthy diet, and exercising regularly. It is also helpful to identify situations that will cause you stress so that you can anticipate it. My personal way of dealing with stress is just to lay down, take a nice deep breath, set productive goals that will help to relieve the stress if possible, and then go get those goals done once I’m calm and collected; or I acknowledge that I can’t do anything about the situation. Realizing that was my way of coping has helped me gain a clarity I didn’t have before. I encourage you to go out and find yours!


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