Prenatal Massage - Taking Care of Mommy

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Massage can help a pregnant woman deal with the changes in her body throughout the duration of the pregnancy. Making time for an hour massage means time away from life stresses and a way to connect with your growing baby, which can be very beneficial during this special time in your life, both physically and mentally.
In the first trimester, a relaxation massage is ideal as it would be a contraindication to use any deep pressure during this delicate time period. The massage could be performed laying on the back, stomach, or side, and later on in the second and third trimester the massage would be performed side lying on special pregnancy pillows
designed for comfort.
Extra pillowing between the knees, under the side of the abdomen that is on the table, as well as a pillow held in front of the chest is added for optimal relaxation. Musculoskeletal changes due to pregnancy result under the influence of estrogen, progesterone and relaxin. It affects the composition of collagen in the joint capsules, ligaments and fascia to allow greater elasticity, which can most of the time be relieved through a relaxation massage. Edema is common anytime during the pregnancy due to retention of fluid, which can be treated using lymphatic drainage
techniques. The most common areas this occurs are the legs and feet, and sometimes the face and hands as well. Elevation, massage, and home-care can all play a role in diminishing edema presence.
When pregnant, the pelvic joints are the most vulnerable, as well as the ankle and joints of the foot which bear the added weight of the fetus. This discomfort can be decreased through relaxation and Swedish techniques. The softened and stretched ligaments and tendons supporting the pelvis and lumbar spine are particularly stressed during pregnancy which is the reason most women complain of low back
pain. Massage along these areas can help alleviate any tension and stress brought on by pregnancy.
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