Relaxation vs Therapeutic Massage Treatments

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Relaxation massages are a smooth, gentle treatment that promotes general relaxation, relieves some muscular tension and increases circulation. Compared to a therapeutic massage, which is a general term which describes any type of massage modality that helps relieve pain, reducing stress, and works on specific problems. Some clients believe that a therapeutic massage means a deep tissue massage, which is false.

Relaxation massage uses techniques that are called general Swedish techniques. Techniques such as effleurage, which is used to introduce the client to the massage treatment, to flush the circulation, and to transition into another technique. Therapeutic massages use techniques in the family of general Swedish techniques and non-Swedish techniques. Non-Swedish techniques include techniques such as frictions. Frictions are an aggressive technique that are used to break up adhesions and to increase range of motion.

When going for a massage, telling your registered massage therapist that you would like a relaxation of therapeutic treatment, is great communication to lead to a treatment specifically perfect for you.


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